From Dypers to Stryper and all the crap in between.

That was the silly working title we had as Michael Sweet and I worked through his new autobiography more appropriately titled: Honestly – My Life and Stryper Revealed.

In 1986 I attended my first concert, Stryper.  Years later I would have the  honor of managing the band, and most recently I co-wrote the singer, Michael Sweet’s autobiography.

The process started in 2011 with Doug Van Pelt conducting in-depth interviews and creating a timeline for Michael’s life story.  Then, day by day, week by week, Michael and I would work together for almost 2 years on this book.

I’m so privileged and incredibly honored to have played a role in telling the life story for the man who, for all practical purposes, is the reason I’m even in the music business.  It was his inspiration at that first Stryper concert that made me say “I wanna do this music thing for a living.”

Waiting on reviews to come in is nerve wracking.  You partially want to not care what the press has to say, and then on the other hand you know you’ve just spent years of your life working on the project and you want it to be respected and recognized.

Fortunately the reviews on this book so far have been almost entirely positive.  Many sites have given it a 5-star review.  But my favorites are the ones who basically say “I never liked Stryper.  They weren’t really my thing.  But this book may just change my opinion on that.”  National Rock Review said something similar to that in their review.

Hope you’ll read and enjoy it.  It’s available at or


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