Folk Music: 8 Reasons Why It’s Not Just For Your Grandpa Anymore

One of the greatest falsehoods of the 21st century is that folk music belongs to the geezers. Folk may have began in the homes of your great-great grandparents, but it didn’t stay there. This compelling genre belongs on everyone’s iTunes and record players. These days, folk is permeating throughout the music scene, and anyone can look good in suspenders. Give these 8 artists a listen for a little more convincin’.


Mutual Benefit

The artist’s most recent album, Love’s Crushing Diamond, hit the scene in October 2013. It’s nostalgic melodies will haunt your dreams in the best ways possible.



Willis Earl Beal

Absolutely rich. Beal’s vocal chords are a modern day anomaly and his sounds will bring you back to the 60’s. This man will undoubtedly convert you to the sweet side of folk music.




Kyle Wall combines traditional simplicity with musical nuance. His newest album, The Rattling, was recorded entirely on his cell phone… your grandpa certainly couldn’t do that on his landline.

Wharfer, “The Rattling”



Alela Diane

Diane’s album showcases the traditional gut-wrenching sadness of heart break, but with a new twist. Her melodies will leave you crying tears of joy and tears of sadness… and sometimes, you may even be unsure which tears you’re crying.



Valerie June

If June’s dreadlocks aren’t enough to make you get up and dance, give her a listen and you’ll be doing the jitterbug in no time. Her voice may have the crackly sweetness of your grandfather’s record player, but her style is way beyond 2014.



Cass McCombs

McCombs’ may have lived much of his life nomadically, but his music will make you feel at home. The melodies of his guitar are placid while his voice unique.



Shakey Graves

When you hear Shakey’s music, you’ll be amazed. When you realize it is all done by one man, you’ll have to pick your jaw off the floor. This artist’s tunes will put your soul at rest while his lyrics put your mind in gear.



Bill Callahan

If God sings, his voice most likely sounds like Bill Callahan. His powerful voice coupled with his soft melodies will ease even the most stressful day.




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