Who is Allison Moorer?

Who is Allison Moorer?

Please don’t ask me that question if you ever run in to me in person.  I’ll punch you in the neck.

I don’t know why I just said that.  I’ve never punched anyone in my life.

No, I will not punch you.  Instead I will likely smile and give you a half-witted response that’s suitable for small-talk social gatherings or short-sighted media.

I may tell you she was nominated for an Academy Award for her song “Soft Place to Fall” in Robert Redford’s movie The Horse Whisperer.  I may even throw out catch media phrases like: She’s released 7 albums and 11 singles, 5 of which charted on the Billboard Charts.

If I’m feeling frisky, I may tell you that she’s married to Steve Earle or mention that she’s the sister of Shelby Lynne.

Then again, you may ask me who both of those people are as well.

And if you do, I’ll struggle to keep the conversation alive by telling you she’s the female voice on the single version of the hit song “Picture” by Kid Rock.  You’ll look at me with a furrowed brow because you know that voice to be Sheryl Crow.  And you’d be right, partially.  If you heard that song on the radio, it was Sheryl’s voice.  If you bought the single, it was Allison’s voice.

And you probably won’t want to know the interesting behind-the-scenes story as to why there were two voices on that song, so we’ll move on and talk about the weather or the declining housing market.

But if you don’t have to ask me that question – If you already know who Allison Moorer is, then you absolutely know that none of that stuff makes her who she is.  If you already know who Allison Moorer is, you may know those tidbits of information, but you don’t care.  Because to you, that’s not at all who Allison Moorer is.

If I were to make a list of the top 10 artists of our generation, Allison Moorer would be on that list.  (Actually, I just may make that list for a future blog entry).

I know Allison as one of the most heart-felt songwriters and singers on the planet.  I know her as an incredibly intelligent artist.  I know her to be fun, yet serious.  I know her to be deep, yet funny.

But what I know most about Allison Moorer, and what you know as well if you’re familiar with her, is that words in a blog don’t do her justice.  Dig deep into her lengthy catalog and you’ll find songs that will move your very soul.  Discover her music and you’ll be thankful you did.  And when you have dug deep, those media one-liners about her won’t matter to you either.

Below is a starter kit to Allison Moorer, and it’s just that, a starter kit.  These are three songs I like, but by no means are they my favorite.  Picking a favorite from Allison is next to impossible.

Listen to these songs and then explore her catalog on your own.  You’ll be glad you did.


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