This is the first book I’ve ever written, so I’m learning a lot about the publishing business along the way.  I have been fascinated with Amazon.  I’ve always known they were a great store, but really had no idea just how enormously popular they were until today.

When I went to bed last night, 12/12/12, my book had just been released.  Although it was technically available a week or so ago, it wasn’t really available in all forms until yesterday.  So before I went to bed I decided to give myself a sense of accomplishment by going to and searching for my book.  There it was.

And as I scrolled down I got a chuckle as I noticed my book was ranked 1,278,432 on the Amazon Books list.  My first thought was “Wow, there are over a million books on Amazon?!”

By 10am this morning I had crept up 900,000 slots to 344,503 in the rankings.  And by 2pm this afternoon I had climbed to 104,225 and was also #45 on the Music Business book list.

Apparently there are over 5 million books on Amazon. Amazing!

I don’t expect to crack the top 100,000 and I don’t say any of this seeking a popularity contest; I’m just genuinely amazed as to how many books are out there.  I emailed my friend in the business mentioning my observations and he said “Oh, that’s actually good.  My Dad published a book and he’s been at around the 5,000,000 mark for a few weeks now.”

5 million books on Amazon?  I’m feeling flattered to have broken the top million now.  It’s been an eye-opening day for me in the book publishing world.   But I think what felt the best was logging on this evening and seeing my book in the “Hot New Releases” Music Business section.  Hot new releases?  If you say so.

So all this is to say:  Thank you, for helping me near the top 100,000 books on Amazon mark 🙂


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