To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Q: Lauren from New York City, NY asks: How often should an artist tweet in order to expand a fan base?

A: It’s more about what you tweet than how often. You can’t go six months without tweeting and expect it to work. My recommendation is at least daily, but on days that are more active, tweet more frequently. If you’re on tour, at a performance, or in the studio you should give more regular updates, but make them fun. Engage your audience. Ask their opinions. Get them involved.

On the other hand, we don’t really care what time you check your mailbox or feed your cat. Still, on off days, give us something to look forward to, something to talk about, something to make us want more.

My suggestion is make your tweets as much about your fans as about you. Sure, they want to know about you and your music, but ask for their input and you’ve just strengthened the bond even more.

I’ve heard a lot of musicians say, “My life is actually kind of boring. I’m not sure what to tweet about.”

I won’t argue with you there. Most musicians’ lives are more humdrum than their fans would probably believe.

So, instead of tweeting, “I’m bored and watching ‘I Love Lucy’ re-runs”, tweet, “My favorite old TV show is ‘I Love Lucy’. What’s your favorite?”

Instead of tweeting “Drinking coffee,” tweet “Which is better, coffee, tea, or beer?  I’m drinking Starbucks now but thinking I may need to switch beverages.”

Instead of tweeting, “Going to bed now,” tweet, “Going to bed, but putting the tape recorder on the nightstand. I’m feeling inspired to wake up and capture an idea. I’ll let you know tomorrow.”

Tweet regularly, but not too regularly. One of my favorite quotes was when a famed author was asked, “How many words should a book have?” He responded with, “Not a single word more than you need.”  Tweets should be the same. Tweet regularly, but not more than you need.

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