Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Use social media for two primary purposes: to engage your current fan base and to reach a new audience.

Social media is scary to some because it’s so impersonal, but if you treat it like a dialogue, it can be quite enjoyable for the fans. Engage them in your creative process. Ask their opinions. Be transparent. Mystery isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, or used to be. Don’t be afraid to share your shortcomings as well as your victories.

Of course you should use social media apps to let your fans know about shows, new releases, and events, but if that’s all you use it for, they won’t hang around long. Get them involved.

Ultimately you will know your music is on the right track when people are telling other people about it, naturally and without prompting. Use social media to monitor this. If you post a new song or video, are people telling their friends?

Let’s say you post a new video on Facebook. One hundred of your friends/fans view it but not a single one of them shares it with their friends. If that’s the case, then it’s pretty safe to say that your music, and video, just didn’t move them emotionally enough to spread it around.

Use social media to gauge whether or not your music is moving people. If it’s not, get back to the drawing board and write more songs.

In order for you to succeed, your art should move people emotionally. When people are moved, they will tell others without having to ask them. But if your music isn’t moving them, no amount of promotion or social media expertise is going to help.

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