Don’t move to L.A.

Or New York, or Nashville, for that matter. I have met so many bands over the years that have prematurely uprooted from their hometown and moved to Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville. This does not mean you should never move there. Just don’t move there yet.

There are great opportunities in music cities like these. It’s just easy to get lost in the shuffle, particularly if you’ve not spent your time honing your skills in your hometown market.

Can you sell out a room of 150 people in your hometown? Have you recorded multiple times with relative success selling your music? Do you have money to sustain yourself for a little while during the time you’re getting on your feet in the big city?

The great thing about the music business is that for every rule, there’s an exception to that rule. Yes, I’m sure you know many musicians that moved to the big city and ended up successful. My guess is that they would have been successful anyway. It’s rare that the move, and the move alone, is the cause for their success. Be careful. Focus on becoming a big fish in your small pond first. You’ll start to see doors open when that happens.

COUSIN RICK SAYS: Name three great things about the city in which you reside. Every city, even a small one, has something for you to love. List three things.

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